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Guestlecture and Workshop Human Plant Interfaces

Plant Colour Patterns

On May 2015, Myriel Milicevic invited me for a Guestlecture & Workshop on Artistic Human Plant Interfaces/Elektrobotanik for her Interfacing with Nature class at University of Applied Science Potsdam. The starting 90-120min lecture provided the students (in that case communication, product, and interface designer) an introduction about interfaces with plants. This includes viusal approaches as well as bio sensing projects.



>>> Download lecture slides <<<


At the end of the lecture the workshop started with 3 different level of devices. The beginner devices included a resistor based sensing with plants, energy batterie applications, and the simple MakeyMakey circuit. For students with prior Arduino knowledge, I have prepared some ready made variable resistor sensor and electro magnetic sensors + code examples. Those devices could be tested on different plants. For more advanced plant sensing installation, we used the Capacitive MPR 121 Sensing and the bio sensor Pulsum Plantae by Leslie Garcia.


Workshop Photos by Chiara Esposito and Myriel Milicevic


Short Videodocumentation about Electromagnetic Field Sensor


For more information about different Biosensing methods with Plants please check my overview and Plant Sensing by Uni Weimar as well as Human Plant Interfaces by FoAM.


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