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Designing Subspaces: Hermits in our digital Age

In my class PublicSpaces 2.0 from the space & design strategies department we discussed the connections between social media and public spaces. Also some design theory aspects were included into the discussion. In my case I introduced the lifestyle of hermits. Hermits create a kind of subspaces in urban or nature environments. These subspaces have got their own system and rules. Our current culture is characterized by fast technical developments and accelerated lifestyles. That includes travelling over big distances, moving often, huge information perception via social media services, etc.  In some life periods these circumstances are not healthy. They cause long-term stress symptoms, losing creativity and so on. In this case the lifestyle of hermits can give an inspiration for creating a subspace in our urban environment.  A subspace, which minimize these aspects of acceleration and creating an appropriate environment for each individual. In my presentation and in my paper I don't say that the solitary lifestyle of the hermits is optimal. A good environment has to provide also a stable social enviromnent with friends and partners. I am just using the hermit lifestyle for some design approaches and for getting inspired.

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Furthermore, I describe in my paper how people become unconsciously and consciously an hermit. Becoming unconsciously a hermit could lead to some conflicts in our society. The key aspects of Reduction and Filtering in designing Intertactive Media play an important role for solving this issues. More detailed explanations of my thoughts are written down in my PDF paper.

PDF PAPER: Hermits in our digital Age

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    Hey Flo, Thank you! Very interesting presentation!

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