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Links for plant-based Bio Art and Gardening

Plant Colour Patterns

One week ago I published a blog post about links and places for Physical Computing in Germany. Today I decided to do the same for plant-based stuff. Hopefully, I get more organized in the future and maybe helpful for some others, too. Please feel free to add some others resources as comment. ThX!

DIY BIO (ART) Community

Gardening Community

Art Collectives & Groups

Conferences & Symposiums

Databases of Plants

Symbolic meaning of flower and plants (considering cultural backgrounds)

Botanical science databases


Automated Gardening Systems

Thanks to Peter Eszes, Martin Malthe Borch, Attila Nemes, Vesela Mihaylova, Juliane Springsguth, and Christa Sommerer for providing me with links and names!

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    June 1st, 2016 at 12:47 | #1

    The NHBS website holds a lot of product information related to Everything for wildlife, science & environment

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